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Is a permit required to demolish a house? (in your local area)

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Question: Is a permit required to demolish a house? (in your local area)
Top Answer (93% of 46 votes): Yes.

Answer: Yes
Explanation: There are several requirements that will need to be handled and submitted a long with Residential Demolition application.
Clean and clear services llc
Answer: Yes
Explanation: All Town Building Departments on Long Island require a DEMOLITION Permit before actual work can begin. Prior to issuance of a Permit, ALL utilities must be disconnected and letters of "disconnect" are issued from the utility company(s) which are submitted to the towns. Most towns also require that the Demolition Contractor be properly Licensed AND Insured.
JP Express Demolition & Excavation, Inc.
Answer: Yes
Explanation: You need a Clean hole inspection from the City, Need to cap off sewer, Need to disconnect utilities.
Design iz Minz Landscaping & Demolition
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Yes, you may need multiple permits to dismantle a structure
Bella cleaning and carting
Answer: Yes
Explanation: I would no demolish a home or make a major change like taking out a home without a permit I do this to protect myself and the home owner
Eddies Demolition Service
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Yes a permit is required. The house was built with a permit and is registered with the county where it is located.
Sanford and Son Hauling and Demolition
Answer: Yes
Explanation: We obtain all necessary permits that are required form the township or municipality.
Inks Landscaping & Excavating, Inc.
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Most likley your building department will require a demolition permit, usually about $100
Kingcarz Services
Answer: Yes
Explanation: When is a Permit Required? A building permit is required to erect, construct, enlarge, alter, repair, improve, remove, convert, move or demolish any building or structure within in the City’s zoning jurisdiction or in certain Municipal Utility Districts (Sections of the City Code). A trade permit (electrical, mechanical, plumbing, irrigation) may also be required depending on the scope of work.
Washpon Properties Solutions & Salvage
Answer: Yes
Explanation: All demolition of any type requires a permit
Rso construction and demolition
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Check with your local jursdiction
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Yes in order to demo a house you must have permit in my area. In order to remove electricity from structure And to cad off any gas lines or plumbing to prevent raw sewer going in ground to flowable areas that will harm environment
Ten Penny Conractors, LLC
Answer: Yes
Explanation: You would need a permit from your City to demolish a house
OC LA Hauling
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Most times those get buried or burned which involves city and or county regulations
Lee contracting
Answer: Yes
Explanation: All structural demolitions requires permits, specially a house. It also requires to present the deed to the city officials.
Skyline Construction & Restoration Corp.
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Only in city limits. I am licensed for demolition
Lanterman Tractor
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Yes the Parishes I normally work in do require a permit to demolish a structure
Land Services
Answer: Yes
Explanation: A permit to demolish a house or similar structure is required from the county building inspector's office.
Corbett Demolition Service LLC
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: Again this would depend on the specific location of the home to be demolished.
National Demolition & Environmental, Inc.
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Yes a demolition permit is needed to change or remove any structure.
Mr. Cheapee, Inc. dba Demolition Experts
Answer: Yes
Explanation: The demolishing of a home must have a permit due to the fact that the majority of homes are hooked up to utilities.
Apex Demolition, Inc
Answer: Yes
Explanation: Demolition of any structure such as a house in the State of Florida, requires permit with appropriate local permitting authority.
Florida Demolition and Concrete Works, Corp
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