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Partial Pool Removal

Partial pool removal (also known as abandonment) is when only a portion of the swimming pool (the upper portion) is removed, caved in, and buried. This method is not legal in many jurisdictions so make sure you check with your local building department prior to starting your project. Some contractors will not do a partial pool demolition, preferring to use the complete pool removal method instead.

Pool Removal Cost Considerations

Partial pool removal can be significantly less expensive than complete pool removal. Check out our Demolition Cost Reports to get an idea of local pool removal costs.

Partial Pool Demolition - How It's Done

- Obtain necessary permits (may need both a demolition and utility permit).

- Remove all water from pool.

- Disconnect all utilities (water, gas, electric) from the pool.

- Drill or jackhammer holes in the bottom of the pool.

- Use heavy equipment to demolish the top 18-24 inches of the pool and pool deck. Some contractors will cave in part of the pool but it is not a best practice.

- Use gravel fill and soil to fill in the pool (hole).

- Compact to prevent settlement.

- Haul waste material from the site.

- Add topsoil, grade, and compress.

- Install landscaping or ground cover for appearance.

If you need help removing your pool, let us help you find a contractor and get a free demolition price quote.

ZL Construction has provided a great explanation of the partial pool removal process. partial pool removal process. Here is a sample of what it looks like:

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Free quotes from local pool demolition contractors
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